Showroom PR

The Saloné della Moda showroom PR! This is a opportunity for designers and brands to announce and promote their newest collections. The option to exhibit in the showroom will be available one month before and three months after the Saloné della Moda.

Each of the participating designers will be given the chance to showcase some of their unique designs (between four and six items per collection) for four months as additional promotion for the upcoming Saloné della Moda, Amsterdam Fashion Week, FashionClash Festival, various fashion fairs and other international fashion events. Both national and international designers can request to participate in the showroom exhibition

Zouhair Benkabbou

Zouhair Benkabbou is a new young designer, Maroccan from origine...


Eugenio is the brand of talented designer Evgeni.....

Klaudia Markiewicz

Klaudia Markiewicz is a talented and young fashion designer based...

Natureza Brasileira By Josh

Designer Josh Santana, the man behind the brand Natures Brasilia…...

Ivan Donev

Ivan Donev, coming from Bulgaria, is an emerging designer based...

Ece Ozalp

This talented young lady from Istanbul that presented her collection...

ODIO x Pieczarkowski

ODIO x Pieczarkowski is a collaboration between designer Aleksandra Ozimek…...