Jerry Luxenburg

Jerry Luxenburg

After producing a lot of photo shoots, video movies, modelcastings, fashion shows and seeing a lot of Fashion Weeks, art galleries I had come to the conclusion that things need to be more diverse in the way how I think about production. I wanted to show that we can make a difference by mixing all kinds of arts into a new recipe. My inspiration is London.

My background lays in the fashion and event production and I still work in France, Italy and Austria as fashion producer and companies are booking me also for modelcastings, choreography and managing other fashion projects for fashion designers.

10 years ago, when I decided to realize the first concept KATWALK and my own showroom Stravagante PR with pr activities with designers I didn’t foresee in the extent to which I had to adapt my vision and mission to develop in my own way new projects.

Jerry decided to follow his next dream and worked to turn it into a reality. He created finally Salonè della Moda, debuted in 2012 in Rotterdam with the first edition. An experience that embodies fashion, creativity and innovation. That is now going in its sixth year, is the culmination of Jerry Luxenburg’s 12 years in the fashion industry.

Fashion producer and advisor:

Jerry Luxenburg has selected and worked successfully with different types of emerging designers and brands such as Arrey Kono Berlin, Diesel, Patrizia Pepe, Michelangelo Winklaar, Klaudia Markiewicz, House of Byfield, Barbara Bui, Vive Maria, Kathryn Milan, Pussy Deluxe, Gary Symor, American Hero, Elvis Aigbedion, Kaho To, Eugenio London, American Hero, Anthony Vaccarello, Vix Brazil, DVDV, Nomi by Naomi, Judith van Vliet, David Paulus, Ed Hardy swimwear, Chris van den Elzen, Swinda van Dijk, Yordan Mihalev, Rick Lee, Phillip Lim, The Tailors, Ece Ozalp, Sheguang Hu, Pleasurement, Blumarine, Mountan Yam, Chloe Sung, Monica creation by Vlisco, Rick Lee, Maison Close, Emporio Armani Netherlands, Corinne Monique, Ivan Donev and many more.

Jerry Luxenburg


Independent   fashion producer on requist
–  Need less time to produce a fashion show
–  Provide solutions in a very short time for projects

Fashion show production International
–  individual Fashion show production
–  Backstage    & front coordinator ( technical aspects )
–  Choreography

Fashion show production national
  Individuall Fashion show production ( light, visuals )
–  Event production
–  Choreography
–  Backstage & front coordinator ( technical aspects )

Projects Curator
–  Developing programmes in Fashion & Art
–  Selecting entrepreneurs and creatives
–  Exhibition styling
–  Installations

Seminars and workshops
–  Fashion academy
–  Art institute & Gallery

Model castings
–  Selecting models for designers & brands
–  Selecting models for short movies & video clip
–  Catwalk coaching
–  Catwalk choreography

– Have a strong ability to work in team environment.
– managing many different areas for several clients simultaneously, does not get stressed under pressure.
– Desire to push my self to continually learn, expand skill base and industry knowledge.
– Strong verbal communication skills.
– Average 13 years of fashion show and event production experience.
– Strong time management skills, ability to multitask.
– The ability to make normal venues beautiful