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Salonè della Moda Salonè della Moda is a fashion event of multiple days, a platform where talented fashion designers, artist, photography, movie makers and other creatives will be invited to present their designs. It gives the opportunity to tell the story behind their work.

Salonè della Moda is all about making own fashion trends, work and renew all craft again with fashion shows, exhibitions, art and movie visuals which will create awareness. Attracting attention to beauty, craftsmanship and creativity is the main focus.

Salonè della Moda is a unique experience that is characterized by the combination off different elements such as fashion, lifestyle, architecture, interior design, photography, video and gourmet cooking.

Salonè della Moda
is one of the most creative and innovative fashion event in Rotterdam. It is striving to be an important part of the development of Rotterdam in the field of high fashion events.

Our mission is to be Accessible, Different and Divers.

Our vision is further underlined in our mission statement,
it means that we are focusing for more diversity.

During 7 consecutive years, it has shown a significant growth every time.
Its strength lies in the combination of meeting experts from textile, retail, design, art, movie, photography, presentation exhibitions, fashion shows and different cultural elements, which is also an important element present in the character of Rotterdam.
Another strength of Salonè della Moda is that it responds to the creative, technology and innovative impuls at the world and
pursuits diversity all times.